Kaz's Editor's Choice  - Software - actually put to the test  
(in alphabetical order)
Most are "Download and Run" installs

Font View   ver 1.1  A great way to view all your fonts in a list, with any caption you desire.  315kb

HyperSnap  ver 3.21.  A great screen-capture utility that saves in numerous formats:  whole screen, screen with border, window only, and can even grab an entire long window that may be scrolled below the screen.  1.2Mb

IrfanView ver.4.3.x.  A truly great - maybe the best - media viewer: pictures, images, sound, some video (no codecs).  Also can scale and enhance your images.  The gamma slider can take an ugly dark image and make it almost perfect!   1.3MB.  Donations of $10 are requested at  Irfanview.com if you like the pgm. 

IrfanView Plug-ins.  4.3.x   For additional file types like Shockwave, MP3, QuickTime, PhotoCD etc etc.  Download and run the file for playing most available media formats.  A very useful tool. 

KL-Matrix Screen Saver - ver 2.1   You Matrix fans - this is the real thing - not ASCII characters raining down and exploding, but actual Matrix glyphs doing their thing.  AND!!! - since it's shockwave-based, it works on ALL resolution screens - out to the edge!  Not the little black-bordered 640x480 jobbie that's out there.  KLMatrix is made by Yours Truly from scratch, and may become the definitive Matrix screen saver.  Get one now before I start charging (kidding)!  For Win 9x only.  Press <Esc> to wake up. 2.2Mb.  Problems?  See next

Matrix Video FileShockwave format of the "raining glyphs".  To kluge your own saver, open with IrfanView (with the Shockwave plug-in installed), and zoom full screen. CAUTION:  You must rt-clk the hyperlink above and "Save As" or "Save Target As" or your browser will try to play the file in situ.

PhotoPrint  ver 4.10 (1998)  Using an "album-page" metaphor, this unique, simple and free software contains many templates with which you can easily print a page of your favorite photos or other graphics in a multitude of sizes - like the bunch that you used to bring home from school with a lot of little ones, a few medium ones and one or two big ones; you just "click" into place, and you can rotate them too.  Everyone with a digital camera NEEDS this program.  I really had to hunt to find this one.  Very cool for being free.  And it's never crashed yet!  from PCMag Downloads.  7.7Mb

NIST Time  ver 1.3   Formerly National Bureau of Standards, this program is so COOL!!  It goes out to one of the world's atomic clocks  and then actually resets your own computer to the exact time.  This is great if you're anal like I am about things like having your watch exact to the second.  Hey, some people like this!  61kb

Wheeler.  This utility allows the use of a wheeled mouse in VCadd.  Just place the files contained in this zipfile into your VCADD directory, open the readme and copy the two command lines you see there into cmdext .def.  Then add "W1,Wheeler" followed by "W2,WheelSet" into your Alias.cmd file.  Then, each time you open VCAdd, type W1 to turn it on.  Type W2 to set up the options.  Piece 'o cake to have wheeled zoom or scrolling in VCadd.  100kb

WINZIP120.exe - WinZip ver 12 - for W-2000/NT and later (32 bit). 14.3MB

WZIPSE40.exe - WinZip Self-Extracting File Creator ver 4 for W-2000/NT and later. Compatible with WinZip v12 (32 bit). 2.8MB

WZCLINE30.exe - WinZip Command-Line Support Add_On ver 3; Compatible with most versions of WinZip. 1.1MB

WS_FTP-PRO.exe - WS_FTP Pro - Everyone's favorite FTP client.  If you do any FTP, use WS _FTP. - the best I've found. 1.7MB.  Inexpensive but fully-functional older version.  30-day free trial. 1.7MB  Latest version is Ver-12 15_Mb

ZTree -The latest version 2:  best file and disk manager ever made, this character-based standard derives from XTree, without the old limitations. Shareware: 30-day eval then $29 license fee. If you spend your days in fron of a PC keyboard you need ZTree. OS-2 version available from ztree.com  1.3 MB

ZTW.ZAM - Copy over the original ztw.zam file into C:\ZTree after ZT installation, and using ZT's internal menu (f9) create zip files or executable zips. NOTE: You must have WinZip, the WinZip self-extractor, and the Command-Line add-in installed. Written by KH & KL. Compatible with most versions of these WinZip programs. 375 bytes (fast download)

Note:  All software available here is either free or has "nag" a free trial period. No illegal givaways on this site-KL.

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