Virtual Visit  - to Tajique New Mexico

See some aerial photos and some 3D pics of the mountaintop of the future Latven homestead lodge.  Also see some perspective renderings of the area by VistaPro derived from USGS Digital Elevation Maps.  Very cool.

Care for the exact time and more?

See it to believe it.

Kaz's Webmaster's Choice  - Software - actually put to the test by RKL

A dozen or so utilities that will make your computer day.  We have software to make your scanner/printer act like a copier, a great font display program, a super screen-capture utility and the absolute best graphics/video viewer-editor available.  Scrap-book album printing, my own Matrix screen saver (falling glyphs) plus a convenient place for the latest MS IE.  And more....   Most are free, some cost $10 or so if you use them over a month.  Check them out - they all do what they claim. 

Note:  All software available here is either free or has "nag" features to encourage you to register if a small payment is requested. No copyrights are infringed by this download list.

JRR Tolkein Esoteria - Middle Earth Maps:

Here is a collection of maps of JRR Tolkein's Middle Earth, taken from Karen Wynn Fostead's The Atlas of Middle Earth and run through the PhotoShop "get the crease out of the two-page map" regimen.  Print these on tabloid size paper for best results.  And get the book for hours of a refresher of who went where when plus all the geology of Middle Earth you could possibly want.  No permission yet from Ms. Fostead, but I'm trying.  Needless to say this is her great work, just touched up for clean tabloid printing here

Photographs - Miscellaneous RKL photos here.
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An Interesting Experience

Fun in the sky.

Alix and Kevin's Wedding

F-Prt000.jpg (57699 bytes)

Part I - before the rings
Part II - after the rings were exchanged

Tour of France, (under construction)

Arc de Triomphe from atop the Tour de Eiffel

A classic automobile:

bmw.jpg (36045 bytes)

Military Aircraft

Great pics of many important aircraft in our Armed Forces air war history, covering...

WW-II era
Korean War era
Cold War
Nam to Afganistan
Present and Future

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