Images Near Tajique, new Mexico

VistaPro Images

These first images are renderings I made using Virtual Reality's VistaPro and several USGS digital elevation maps (DEMs) of an area near Tajique, New Mexico, where I have fifteen acres next to Cibola National Forest.

First is a long view toward the west highlighting the Tajique-Torreon Loop Road and the Fourth of July Canyon. 

Tajique N.M.-Long View of 4th July Canyon Road

The topography is unusual and interesting in that the road follows each stream up, but then each rises up behind a severe rock ridge, approaching from opposite directions where the watersheds meet.  Also shown is Troncho Negro Rd, off the loop road which terminates at the  C.Latven homestead, adjacent to Forest Service lands.   Llanerch Rd. climes the hill off Troncho Negro toward the west, terminating in the site of the K.Latven homestead.

Here's a view closer in, that shows all the area in the valleys above Troncho Negro Creek.

TJ-ShortViewRoads.jpg (48324 bytes)

Aerial Photo Stereo Pairs

Next are three images are stereo shots at three different resolutions.  The way these work is that each image has three vertical frames, which are in a "left-right-left" configuration.  To superimpose the left pair (labeled "WIDE") you must look "through" the screen and focus at a distant point.  To superimpose the right pair (labeled "CROSS"), you must cross your eyes, ie, focus on a point near the end of your nose.

For most people, WIDE focus is more difficult to achieve, but once locked in, provides a much more pleasing view with very little eye strain.  Try this first.  On the other hand, most people can more easily cross their eyes, but keeping them crossed produces considerable strain on the eyes.  Use the right pair as a last resort.

NOTE: A small white dot has been drawn at the terminus of Llanerch Rd., on the site of the K.Latven homestead, as an aid in focusing.  Just superimpose the two dots.   Also you may find it easier to view a printed copy rather than view directly on the screen.

Here's a view about 8 mi high by about 3 miles across.  Picture size is 267kb so click on it and put some coffee on.

ll-50.gif (267112 bytes)

Heres an intermediate view, about 2mi x 6mi.  This is an even larger file, about 360k.  Go get the coffee.

ll-100.gif (371714 bytes)

And finally, a closeup, about .5 by 1.5 mi.  The file is also about 360k.

ll-400.gif (344966 bytes)

Now, if you want the whole intermediate file, here it is (945x845 pixels) in jpg format (93k bytes).

139-100t.jpg (93092 bytes)

and here's it's much higher resolution gif brother at 800k.  However, it's a very nice aerial photo of the Fourth of July Canyon area and printed, clearly shows logging roads and trails in this section of the Manzano Mountains.

139-100t.gif (891454 bytes)

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