BMW 6-series 1983  reconditioned 
(including engine)



  Year: 1983
  Model: 635csi
  Color: Aqua Green
  Engine: 1987 year 6-cyl over-head valve, 3.5 litres - 210 hp.
  Transmission: 5-speed manual
  Aspiration: Electronic Fuel Injection
  Mileage - Body: 220,000mi; Engine: 140,000mi
  Accessories (condition)
      Leather Interior (refurbished)
      Air Conditioner (recently rebuilt)
      AM/FM/10-CD/MP3 w/ iPod adapter in glove box
      Electric windows (working fine)
      Sunroof (recently rebuilt)
      Engine (replaced for 1988 model 3.5 L and completely
          reconditioned 635 - 3.5 L)

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General Condition

Drivetrain (existing): The recently-installed 3500 cc engine was built for 500,000 miles yet has only 140,000 miles, it only uses a virtually no oil, either driving or parking.  Compression is 190 lbs on all 6, and has never had trouble with CA state smog.  It  easily passes 1984 rules. 

The clutch has recently been rebuilt, and the driveshaft and rear-end (differential) have also been rebuilt.  The exhaust system has also been completely replaced with a chrome-plated stainless- steel dual system, from the (2) manifolds, including dual-cats, mufflers, pipes and tips.  Sound is a throaty roar.

Rubber is all new (205/70HR 15), and recent oil/lube/filter; all hoses recently replaced & new battery installed.

Body:  The body is in great shape, with a recent high-quality paint job.  The car is not its original color, however, it is painted in a newer BMW color.  Paint and aluminum bumpers are both clearcoated and carry a great shine.  People often think the car is just a few years old.  

Interior:  The leather front seats are in good shape; on the rear seats there is a small loose seam.  The carpeting is original, but has been protected with area throws all its life.  The headliner was recently completely refurbished.  The dashboard has several small cracks, but these are hidden by a custom-fitted dashboard cover.  Mechanics constantly comment at how tight and quiet the interior is.  Air conditioner completely refurbished and refilled

Check other photographs of this fine automobile. 

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