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rfront.jpg (35208 bytes)
1.  Right front view.

cover.jpg (26984 bytes)
2. North Coast Tarpaulin custom-fitted cover.

pirelli.jpg (24522 bytes)
3.  Pirelli P-600 15" - good rubber.  "... like riding a rail."

engine.jpg (48694 bytes)
4.  Clean and degreased engine. Get your last looks.

seats.jpg (32037 bytes)
5. Like new (almost) leather seats.

trunk.jpg (31961 bytes)
6. Trunk (carpeted) with tools.

tools.jpg (35454 bytes)
7.  Tools details.

CD-Changer.jpg (30406 bytes)
8. 10-CD Player hidden in trunk.

door.jpg (19948 bytes)
9.  Custom sound system - in-door speakers.

reardeck.jpg (17355 bytes)
10. Rear deck woofer grille.  Enclosed woofers in trunk, behind CD player.

manuals.jpg (26757 bytes)
11.  Full set of original BMW shop manuals; Owners Manual (with original window sticker:  $40,244 in 1983.)

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